Falling off the wagon – again

I haven’t just fallen off the healthy eating wagon, I’ve somersaulted into McDonald’s and then nosedived into pasty heaven Greggs. Life is really stressful at the moment and I just haven’t got time to worry about weight. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t the be all and end all. We have lots of family stuff going on at the moment and I wish I could say how I’m coping tremendously and eating salads whilst balancing hospital visits but to be honest I’m grabbing what I can and drinking like a fish.

My willpower is on holiday somewhere nice and hot whilst I slog it out in not-so-sunny Birmingham!  Sometimes folks – something has to give ūüėź and this time it seems to be the elastic in my trousers!


Post Easter Detox

fatIt’s been a manic week with starting a new job and juggling childcare, travel¬†and housework.¬† I have tried to avoid eating junk by preparing meals in advance which given that we mostly eat Punjabi food, is relatively easy.¬† The slow cooker is also now my best friend, it’s so convenient to put a joint in there in the morning and have a casserole prepared for when we get in.

After 8 years of working at home, it has been a shock to the system but I’m finding the routine is working well with my healthy eating regime.¬† I aim to have a breakfast (not doing too good on that) , lunchtime salad or sandwich and then dinner.¬† The office has a ‘no hot food on desk’ policy so I’m thankfully limited to what I can take in.

Last Tuesday was my last Slimming World session and I did put on some weight.¬† Overall the results aren’t great and I’m not¬†going to be thin by the time I’m 40.¬† I am however, back in control of my career and hopefully my eating regime.¬† This alone makes me feel so much more positive about things.

Easter was lovely and I didn’t over indulge with the chocolate either – probably because we went away to Centre Parcs and my husband had packed dark chocolate, which I don’t like.¬† I spent the weekend out of my comfort zone, cycling, going down zip wires and climbing 2 meter high obstacle courses – not bad for an old bird!

We got back last night and so today I’m on a little detox to just give my metabolism a nudge and make sure that the weight I lost on Slimming World stays off.¬† I’m booked in for a PT session tomorrow night which should also help and then I’m sticking to three meals a day with little of no unhealthy snacks.¬† Even as I’m typing this I’m thinking that it sounds great, but will I actually do it?¬† The reality is, I don’t know but one thing I am assured of is that I’m not as fat as I think.¬† I’ve had a whole weekend of doing some intense physical activity and I’ve survived.¬† I’m no longer obese and clothes are fitting better, so what if I’m not thin – at least I’m fit and healthy.¬† For now, that will do just fine ūüôā




World Book Day 2016


I’m all for encouraging children to read but am I the only one who thinks that World Book Day has turned into nothing other¬†than an excuse to dress-up?¬† As I dropped off my ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ adorned child this morning I noticed how some children had just put on a superhero costume.¬†¬†I wish I’d thought of that – ¬†dressing¬†my child up as Superman, Batman or Cat Woman after those much inspired works of literature (ahem).

As I went around the supermarket last night there was a last minute rush of parents congregated around the limited book section.¬† Others had grouped in¬†the children’s clothing¬†aisle in a desperate bid to find something – anything for their child to wear on World Book Day.¬† Our school has been quite good and has encouraged children to either come as a book character or come in their pyjamas (to listen to a story later on).¬† Activities have been set up throughout the day for the children to become engaged with stories and characters.¬† I’m looking forward to hearing all about it later ūüôā

Growing up in a household where the primary language was not English meant that I didn’t grow up having daily stories read to me.¬† We weren’t even allowed to speak English in the house, we spoke our native tongue – Punjabi.¬† However, I loved reading and learning and was always encouraged to go to the library and read.¬† It wasn’t fiction that was pushed towards me but books on learning maths, times tables etc.¬† As a child my head was always in a book and when I was at school I was introduced to fiction and loved it.¬† I am still an avid reader and have always read to my children and encouraged them to read.¬† There is nothing more comforting than curling up with a good book and letting yourself become fully enveloped in the story.

If World Book Day encourages¬†someone¬†to pick up a book then that’s great but if all it does is encourage some one to dress-up as a superhero then what’s the point?¬† We need to be doing so much more to improve the literacy levels of our youngsters.¬† We must encourage children to read, visit bookshops and libraries – engaging their imaginations.¬† Some nights it’s not possible to read the children a story and that’s when audio books are a great idea.¬† My kids love listening to a story before bedtime and nowadays there’s a great selection of audio books to choose from – modern authors like David Walliams¬†or classics from Roald Dhal.

There is some great information on the internet about World Book Day and if as a parent you aren’t confident in reading or finding books for your children (like my parents weren’t) then have a look at the World Book Day website.¬† Here you can search by age for appropriate titles for your children.¬† We are blessed to be in a country where children have access to so many resources, some countries aren’t as fortunate.

So, this World Book Day, let’s dress the kids up and let them have fun but let’s also look at what the day is really about and spend tonight with some hot chocolate, cuddling up with¬†our little ones¬†and reading them a story ūüôā



Working Mums or SAHM


About a decade ago I used to work as a freelance IT Consultant, earning silly money on a daily rate, I had worked hard for my career and was finally reaping the rewards.  Then, as with most women a faint ticking sound started which began to get louder as the years passed, it was the inevitable biological clock ticking louder and faster.  If I wanted to have kids then it was now or never.

I know people say you can have your children and your career but can you really?¬† Without any family support the children would have to be palmed off into childcare whilst I worked.¬† The thought of someone else seeing all of my children’s milestone achievements before me didn’t sit well with me.¬† I wanted to be the one that saw their first steps and heard their first words, I didn’t want to be told what my child had done that day in a brief 5 minute recap on pickup.¬† I knew as soon as I became pregnant that my line of work would not allow me to work part time or from home, that was the way it was.¬† I wish that when I was getting career guidance at school that someone had broken the taboo and spoke about having children later on and choosing a career that would work around that.¬† Of course, that’s absurd and would hold so many women back.

I chose an industry that was dominated by males and had to break through many glass ceilings to be taken seriously.  It was tough going when I decided to leave it all and become a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) but it has never been a decision that I have regretted.  I have been blessed that I have seen their first steps, listened to their first words and witnessed their fabulous imaginations in play each day.

So if everything is going so well then why am I writing this now?¬† I started this blog to ensure that by the time I reached 40 I would look fabulous, it started as a weight loss blog but now I know there is so much more I want to do by 40.¬† The children are older and well settled and coincidentally an opportunity has arisen for me to go back to work.¬† I applied to a couple of posts not thinking that I would get very far but two tough interviews later I am now sitting at home with a contract of employment in front of me.¬† I am excited and apprehensive at the same time, everything has been put into place to ensure the children will always have either me or their father with them.¬† It’s as though everything has been sorted out for me and I have no excuse not to accept.

It would appear that I spent my 30s playing mum but my 40s will be spent playing working mum!¬† If it could be changed to playing ‘thin working mum’ then¬†even better ūüėČ