Where to now?


Slimming world ends next week, I’ll have done 12 sessions and so far I have lost only 9.5lbs.  It’s a good framework to work to but I can’t see myself doing it for years, like some people. I have kept up with the exercise as well and my shape is changing, I may not have lost much according to the scales but I’m looking more svelte than chubby now.

I had a PT session this morning and apart from the mountain climbers he insists that I do, it went well.  I hate mountain climbers as well as burpies, and I suppose I’m not too great doing the plank either 😳  I’m not sure how many more sessions I can fit in as I start my new job next week.  I suppose I will have to go in the evenings but when I go on my own I have no plan and feel like I’m wasting my time.  I spoke to him about this and he has suggested I try to do 20 minute cardio before doing weights as this is best for fat loss.

Next week is going to be a lot of juggling and I am concerned that with no more food plan and little time to exercise I will end up undoing the results I’ve managed so far.  Turning 40 is only round the corner and I don’t think I’m going to make my target but I can be pretty close to it if I persevere.  You never know with all the running around I’ll be doing the weight might come off by itself………unlikely I know 😦 .  I have a meeting with my doctor tomorrow to look at the underactive thyroid as I think my medication might not be right, if that changes then the weight may come off more easily.

For the first time in months, I have no plan of food or exercise and it makes me feel a bit lost.  I suppose I’ll just have to see how things pan out next week, by regular weighing I should get a feel for how I’m doing.  The worst thing I can do is bury my head in the sand and not step on the scales for weeks.  I’ve done that before and pretended that everything was going ok, or would be ok when I started my die tomorrow – of course tomorrow never came and I was back to square one.