Week 16

We were away last week and I managed to gain 5lb 🙄 but over the last week I’ve lost most of it and so overall I’m 0.2lb over what I was a fortnight ago.

Being disowned is taking its toll on me and seeking solace in food is leading to its own problems. I wish I could tell you how I’m doing so great and that the weight is flying off, but I never was a good liar. Rather than bore you all senseless with tears of woe I think I’ll have a break for the rest of the summer and come back refreshed in September.

The goal posts have changed now and I’m not looking at another stone off before September. My focus now is to maintain the weight loss whilst I go through this rough patch and then start afresh when my daily routine normalises. Current weight loss stands at 1 stone 3.8lbs.

It’s important to understand that your goals can be changed depending on what is happening in your life. I have also decided to change my weigh-in day to a Tuesday now as most weight is gained over the weekend and then there’s an immense amount of pressure for Monday morning’s weigh-in.

On the plus side I’ve not had any alcohol all week. Drinking whilst upset is a recipe for disaster, it might make you feel better short term but the long term effects aren’t worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the summer folks and I’ll see you back here in September! 🤗