Week 12 Weight Maintain

I’ve had a week off calorie counting and I’ve managed to maintain last week’s weight. I was expecting it to go up so I’m pleased I haven’t gained.

I’ve gone back to tracking my calories today so that I can have some loss next Monday. It was great having a few days off the diet but the quicker I get back to it then the easier it’ll be.

Socialising whilst trying to lose weight is always tricky but I was determined not to become a hermit this time. Previously I’ve been on a diet and socially secluded myself from fear of failure but I think if you’re realistic then you can have ‘time off’ and continue dieting afterwards.

Saying that I haven’t had a loss for a fortnight but I did feel so much better when trying my dresses on. I’m gaining my body confidence again, slowly but surely!

Here’s hoping for some loss next week fingers crossed 🤞. Enjoy your week folks!


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