Week 11 Weight Gain

Yes you read correctly, I have gained this week. It’s only 0.4 lb but it’s still disappointing. I wish I could explain what happened but all I can think is that I normally enter calories of items I have but this week some items didn’t scan correctly and so I had to approximate the calories. Maybe I underestimated my intake and thus the minor weight gain. The hot weather has meant lots more fluids and BBQs, it’s not always easy to account for every calorie exactly.

I’m hoping to be back on track in a fortnight as this week it’s my last week in my current role and lots of other staff are changing as well so we are celebrating! I’m trying to be careful as I know once you have a setback it’s tempting to give up. I’m definitely not doing that, I have lost consistently for most weeks and so far have a total loss of 1 stone 2.8 lb. there’s no way I’m throwing all that effort away. It’s a blip but we keep calm and carry on!


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