Weeks 13 & 14

I had a weight loss of 1.2 lb this week but as it’s over 2 weeks I didn’t see the point in jumping for joy over it. I didn’t blog last week as I had a pretty rough week with family politics and ended up emotionally eating my way through a shed load of junk. I had a massive takeout on the night before weigh in and last Monday I had put on 2 lb so didn’t bother to blog about my failure as the politics had me feel crap about myself anyway.

Anyhow this morning it said 1.2 lb loss over two weeks but if you add in lasts week’s 2 lb gain then it’s a 3.2 lb weight loss which is the brighter way to look at things.

One of my earlier blogs looks at emotional eating and the effects it can have on people. I was basically disowned by my extended family again last week, I say again as it’s pretty much a regular thing for me. I seem to get disowned as often as most other families go on holiday together, at least once or twice a year!

This time I was really upset and rather than venting my anger, I just left it and ate my way to a happier place. Then I realised that all I’m doing is making it even worse for myself in the long run. At least now I’m disowned but relatively healthy, the last thing I need is to ostracised and be the size of a small house.

All I’m saying is some people will bolster you up and support you, others will envy what you have and put you down at any opportunity. Learn to cope through the bad times without relying on the comforts of food and drink. Go and meet friends who do care about you, curl up with a good book, go shopping, be pampered at the hair dressers or spa. Just get away from the negativity but don’t end up in the chip shop!

I have the summer off work and to be honest with everything going on I’m finding the weight management a little tricky. Bear with me folks as I try to sort my life out and then my weight.


Week 12 Weight Maintain

I’ve had a week off calorie counting and I’ve managed to maintain last week’s weight. I was expecting it to go up so I’m pleased I haven’t gained.

I’ve gone back to tracking my calories today so that I can have some loss next Monday. It was great having a few days off the diet but the quicker I get back to it then the easier it’ll be.

Socialising whilst trying to lose weight is always tricky but I was determined not to become a hermit this time. Previously I’ve been on a diet and socially secluded myself from fear of failure but I think if you’re realistic then you can have ‘time off’ and continue dieting afterwards.

Saying that I haven’t had a loss for a fortnight but I did feel so much better when trying my dresses on. I’m gaining my body confidence again, slowly but surely!

Here’s hoping for some loss next week fingers crossed 🤞. Enjoy your week folks!

Week 11 Weight Gain

Yes you read correctly, I have gained this week. It’s only 0.4 lb but it’s still disappointing. I wish I could explain what happened but all I can think is that I normally enter calories of items I have but this week some items didn’t scan correctly and so I had to approximate the calories. Maybe I underestimated my intake and thus the minor weight gain. The hot weather has meant lots more fluids and BBQs, it’s not always easy to account for every calorie exactly.

I’m hoping to be back on track in a fortnight as this week it’s my last week in my current role and lots of other staff are changing as well so we are celebrating! I’m trying to be careful as I know once you have a setback it’s tempting to give up. I’m definitely not doing that, I have lost consistently for most weeks and so far have a total loss of 1 stone 2.8 lb. there’s no way I’m throwing all that effort away. It’s a blip but we keep calm and carry on!

Week 10 Weight Loss

I don’t believe it, I’ve lost 2.4 lbs this week, woohooo!!!! I am celebrating tonight as I got a promotion at work so who knows whether I’ll lose or gain next week 🤷🏻‍♀️. So far I’ve lost 1 stone 3.2 lb and I’m ecstatic about that.

I had ordered a fleece for work months ago and today it finally arrived and it looks enormous on me! All good news which is why I’m having a celebration tonight. Back to the plan tomorrow 😀

Hope things are going well for you all!