Week 9 Weight Loss

A loss of 1.6 lb this week, it would have been more but I found it tricky to get back into the swing of things – Especially yesterday with the England football result, the gorgeous sunshine and general summer vibe.

Still happy with the loss and it means I am now back to where I was before I went away on holiday.

Yesterday we did a lot of cooking so that we have pre-prepared meals ready for during the week. I find my mealtimes are healthy but it’s the late night snacking that causes the calorie over-run! I might have to tweak my plan over the next few weeks if I can’t stick to the rigid calorie counting. Maybe allow myself to have fruit and vegetables without counting the calories which means I can snack on those. Will see how this week pans out first.

Now that the first stone is off I’m aiming for another stone over the summer. So in September I hope to have a total loss of 2 stone, fingers crossed! Not sure if it’ll happen though as the longer I’m on this plan the more difficult it is to lose significant amounts.


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