Week 9 Weight Loss

A loss of 1.6 lb this week, it would have been more but I found it tricky to get back into the swing of things – Especially yesterday with the England football result, the gorgeous sunshine and general summer vibe.

Still happy with the loss and it means I am now back to where I was before I went away on holiday.

Yesterday we did a lot of cooking so that we have pre-prepared meals ready for during the week. I find my mealtimes are healthy but it’s the late night snacking that causes the calorie over-run! I might have to tweak my plan over the next few weeks if I can’t stick to the rigid calorie counting. Maybe allow myself to have fruit and vegetables without counting the calories which means I can snack on those. Will see how this week pans out first.

Now that the first stone is off I’m aiming for another stone over the summer. So in September I hope to have a total loss of 2 stone, fingers crossed! Not sure if it’ll happen though as the longer I’m on this plan the more difficult it is to lose significant amounts.


Weeks 7-8 Maintaining Weight

I have had a busy few weeks with a lot of family celebrations as well as going away for half term. Since my weight loss in Week 5 I was supposed to maintain my weight but I did have a further weight loss in Week 6. I have not been able to retain the ‘extra’ loss but I have been able to stick to the Week 5’s weight which is what I wanted to maintain. Yesterday was the last of the celebrations as it was Father’s Day so today is the start of me getting back on track.

I have enjoyed 3 weeks of eating and drinking more than my regular 1200 calories but it was important to have a plan in mind. I knew that I wanted to enjoy my break but I didn’t also want to totally out-do everything that I had worked so hard to achieve. I’m about 0.8 lbs away from a full stone of weight loss. That would have been achieved today if it hadn’t been for further celebrations last night!

My mission now is to get back into the swing of things and carry on losing weight. I’m very proud that I didn’t go totally overboard in my weeks of maintenance because it would’ve been very easy to drop all my plans and eat senselessly. Every other time I have taken a break from diets I have never mustered the strength to get back onto plan, I’m hoping this time will be different as this time I’m losing it for good!

Week 6 Weight Loss

I wasn’t supposed to be update for a couple of weeks as it’s maintenance time whilst we have lots of family things going on but I’ve still lost 1.6lb this week! More importantly I have lost my first stone – 48 days to lose 1stone 0.6lb woohooooo!

It’ll be up next week as there’s lots happening this week but I just wanted to share my first stone celebration with you!