Week 1 Celebrations

I’m not too sure how many times in the last few decades I have been at this euphoric point. Week 1 of the diet has passed and I’ve managed to go through an entire weekend without falling off my calorie wagon. An entire 7 days of dieting has resulted in me losing 5.2 lbs, that is a pretty good loss for me. Usually the hypothyroidism makes a dent in any potential weight loss but I’ll happily take that 5.2 (the .2 is just as important as the 5 🙂) and shove it in my motivation bank. I am on a roll and at last it’s not a bacon one.

Ok, back to reality I’ve only lost 5.2 lbs and I have another 40 or so to lose before I’m ‘happy’ with myself (cue psychoanalysis of can weight loss bring long term happiness?) but…..

It’s a start in the right direction and I’m sticking with that at the moment. I’ve had to spend the week as others have had Chinese, burgers, chips and it seemed to be a week where there were a lot of birthdays at work 🙄. I managed to have some self-control over the cakes and junk food over the week and I think it’s down to preparation. Knowing in advance what I was going to eat has helped me to remain focused.

We’re going away in a couple of weeks and I hope that I can stay on track whilst away but for now I think a small measured glass of something is due. I hope your journey is going well and if it isn’t then don’t despair, put a line under it and start afresh.


Fail, Forgive, Forget, Forwards.

I think the title says it all. I’ve been off here as I have monumentally failed beyond belief.

I have forgiven myself for failing and I’m trying to forget that yet again I’ve not managed to lose weight.

I want to move forwards and start again, but how many more times can I do this?!

Bear with me folks, normal service will resume soon – well not too ‘normal’ as I actually want to shift some weight…….