This time next year, Rodney….

Those of us of a certain age all know the sitcom with its famous strap line except when I said it to my husband I changed the wording slightly to: ‘This time next year Rodney, we’ll be thin!” It’s not the right wording but then again hubby’s name isn’t Rodney either 😂. 

It’s been 6 months since I last wrote on here letting you all know about my success but just like Del Boy never retained his wealth, I have not maintained my weight loss. In fairness the last few months have been stressful beyond belief with ailing parents, incorrect medication, an exercise ban and generally living in a very stressful extended family circle. Dieting was the last thing on mind, I was happy to be surviving from day to day!

It turns out that despite being on thyroxine, my thyroid gland was still under active as my dose wasn’t high enough. The locum Dr wanted to wait before increasing it again but I managed to get my regular GP to increase the dosage. This combined with a restricted diet should help reduce the weight gain.  I think I’m back at being the heaviest I have ever been and am finding it so tricky to stay focused. I don’t feel I’ve failed though as it’s not entirely been in my hands. Having had serious chest pains and an increased pulse rate the Dr has forbidden me from going to the gym. I am having a 24 hour ECG tomorrow so hopefully after those results are through I can get the all clear for exercising again.

So here I am again….fat in my forties 🙁

I’m  sure I’ll get there one day, after all a great man once said ‘He who dares……’.

Mange tout peeps