The Magic Weight Loss Formula


I have finally discovered what the magic formula is for weight loss. Forty years old and I’ve cracked it…..prepare to be underwhelmed 😀

I didn’t do Dry January but I did cut down on my alcohol. I’m not doing the trendy No Sugar diet but I am cutting down on my sugar intake. I’m not stopping carbs or spending hours in the gym. I have however lost around 6lbs in the last fortnight 😀 Which I am quite pleased about as I’m still eating three meals a day and have some alcohol and treats.

So what plan am I following? I have aptly named it the ‘Common Sense’ plan and I’m using The My Fitness Pal App to help me with my common sense plan.  I have allocated myself 1200 calories a day within which I have three meals and some treats at the end of the day. My typical day includes a menu such as this:

  • Weetabix with skimmed milk
  • Wholemeal bread sandwich with cheese or ham
  • Home cooked dhal or punjabi style vegetables with one chappati and low fat yoghurt.
  • Treat may include: mini packet of crisps, yoghurt or a snack size chocolate.

I haven’t taken part in Dry January but I have cut down drastically on my wine consumption. If I feel like an alcoholic drink then wine has been replaced with something like Malibu or Gin with a low calorie mixer (I know Malibu is high sugar and Vodka is much better but I don’t like Vodka) .

The trend is to cut out sugar but I’ve decided to still have a little bit of everything I want and to be accountable for the total number of calories per day. This way I have still been able to be sociable and go out with friends. I was out last night at Bella Italia who now do a Courgetti style pasta dish with prawns for under 300 calories. I had this and no dessert and felt like I’d achieved something when the night was over. A night out without overindulging and without any alcohol at all and I had a lovely time! Driving to venues ensures that I won’t be drinking and that I have the perfect excuse to say no to the wine.

Nowadays there are low calorie options in most restaurants which makes everything so much more manageable. We took the kids to Nando’s and I opted for the salad and chicken breast 😇.

There is no magic formula and it is a case of burning more calories than you consume. The Fitness Pal app makes me more accountable and helps me to track everything I eat. It gets a bit annoying having to log everything but sometimes that’s a good thing as I’ll forego eating or drinking  something if I can’t log it.

Most days I am cooking fresh meals with a variety of vegetables and I’m loving the fresh taste of food again. My taste buds are changing and my palate is now more refined and doesn’t enjoy as much of the processed foods as it used to.  Most of my evening meals are very low calorie and I know I don’t need to calorie count them all but I fear if I start to estimate calories then I will fall into the same trap as before and end up over consuming.

I had promised myself last December that I wouldn’t visit the hairdressers until my weight reduced by at least half a stone. All through Christmas I was set on just maintaining weight so lost next to nothing which means my grey roots were on full display in the festive photos 😳.  This morning I had reached my mini target and can now set up my treat of the hairdressers appointment.

It’s important to reward yourself when you’re dieting and the reward doesn’t have to be food. This time I’m going for a new hair colour and when I lose another half a stone I’ll be getting a new top or maybe get my nails done 😀.  Make sure you treat yourself when you reach a goal.

The reason I’m not cutting out any food groups is down to health as I have recently been diagnosed with a very low Vitamin D count, to the point where I am now taking 5 tablets a day to increase my levels. I spent most of my 30s on a diet, cutting out food groups totally in some cases. I hardly have any calcium which is why I’m making more of an effort with home cooked meals. Calcium is also found in non dairy sources and I’m trying to include these as well as cheese, milk and yoghurt into my diet.

Having a low Vitamin D count can lead to osteoporosis problems later on in life, especially at my age when the menopause is looming. So the plan is to include all key food groups and stick to a maximum of 1200 calories a day. If you exercise as well then please ensure you increase your calories adequately for this. My Fitness Pal will ask you about your activity levels and will set your calorie goals accordingly. I haven’t been well the last fortnight so haven’t been exercising but I intend to start again next week and will have to alter my calories accordingly.

I’m sorry for those of you who thought that there was some magic weight loss formula. Trust me, if there was I’d have taken it by now, but it is just a case of move more and eat less.

Good luck in your weight loss journeys!