Couch to 5k – Weeks 7 to 9

This morning I did my first 30 minute run and survived it! I’m no where near 5K but the fact that I can run for a full 30 minutes is rewarding in itself. As the app reminded me this morning I’ve been ‘running’ for 2 months now and this is my last week of the program. I’ve put the word running as ‘running’ because I still don’t feel like a runner. I’m jogging along and possibly doing more than having a mere meander but am I running? I had some doubts about my pace so I find myself constantly eyeing up runners when I’m out and about, let’s hope they don’t think I’m some sort of weirdo 😳.

I always run on my own first thing in the morning when the house is empty.  Last week we had some sickness in the household so my schedule went to pot and I had to run in the evening. I don’t like people to see this wobbly mass trying to exercise which is why I’ve done the C25k in private. Last week my husband waltzed in and saw me ‘running’ and walked back out. He didn’t look repulsed and we’re still married so I’m assuming I didn’t look too grotesque. I did ask him about my ‘running’ form and he said it was fine and that I didn’t look odd at all. So now I have the confidence to ‘run’ in front of family and slowly we can buildup to running in front of strangers outside!

The last couple of weeks of the C25k have become a little mundane as their choice of music is worlds apart to what I listen to. I could have stopped the program and continued with my own music as from week 7 onwards it is pretty much run for 25, 28 and then 30 minutes. However I felt that as I’d started it from the beginning then for my own satisfaction I needed to carry on until the end. I have a tick in every box for the last 9 weeks, ‘running’ 3 times a week and I didn’t want to stop that achievement. When the next 2 sessions are complete then I will start to add my own music for the ‘running’ and will try to run faster and longer.

The c25k program does offer a  Life after 5k information page which people can go to for further advice.  There are 5k+ podcasts for graduates of the c25k program which also look intriguing.

However now is the time I will be winding down for Christmas, which will include spending time with family and friends.  I might include a few ‘runs’ in the festive season so as to keep my weight in check but I’m not expecting any weight loss in December.  The key word for December is maintenance, whereby I need to maintain some  exercise regime (not necessarily running) so that I can endeavour to maintain my current weight loss.

I have already signed myself up for swimming lessons in January so I’m really looking forward to getting back into swimming.  I know 40 years old and can’t swim properly, is there anything I can actually do 😀!