Sleeping Lardy

As I was getting the kids ready for school yesterday I pricked my finger on a badge-pin. Kids went to school and I felt exhausted so I fell back into bed, it reminded me a bit of Sleeping Beauty. She pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep, elegantly dressed with an unblemished, perfect complexion she lies down with her arms folded and sleeps. I, however pricked my finger and collapsed like a sack of spuds into the bed, sprawled  like I’d had a very heavy drinking session the night before (I hadn’t). Elegant isn’t the word I’d use and I was no ‘Sleeping Beauty’, in fact ‘Sleeping Lardy’ is far more accurate.  Almost comatose with my muffin/full bakery top trying to escape over my ill fitting pyjamas. No, Sleeping Beauty – I was not!

I seem to have no energy and there was more hair than usual in the shower plug hole this morning. My guess is that the hypothyroidism medication needs a review 🙄 . It would be great if the medication just worked without having to have these reviews and the dosage having to be changed about. Irregular periods, stress, thinning hair and weight gain are all things that come as part and parcel of this condition. 

Each morning I have a list of what I need to get done and it’s getting to be more and more of a struggle to do anything at all. I was hoping to start a new exercise regime but I seriously haven’t got the energy for it 😩

The only way to fix things is to make a Dr appointment which is a battle itself as appointments are like gold dust. Anyway, it’s a battle for another a day, when I’m slightly less tired. Nap time now!


The Roti Diet

Nearly three weeks in India and despite my fears of putting on anymore weight the holiday has gone well.  I spent the majority of the first two weeks eating Parantha for breakfast and roti for dinner and lunch.  I usually eat one roti at home but over there I ate two rotis and no snacks or puddings etc.  In the last week we decided to move into a hotel in Ludhiana where of course the wine and junk food was reintroduced and I embraced it all like the long lost friend that it was!  We ate pizza, KFC, McDonalds and lots of other treats in that final week and it was great!

After returning to the UK I weighed myself in the morning and I had only put on 0.1kg and a couple of days later when I weighed myself I had actually lost 0.3kg.  So, if I hadn’t gone mad on the final week in India then I would probably have come back with an overall weight loss but as it happens I’ve now pretty much stayed the same as I was before going – which is excellent!

It has made me realise though, to lose weight you don’t need to have any gimmicks or special pills, it really is a case of three square meals a day.  Cut out the snacks and alcohol and the weight should come off. I wasn’t eating any ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ food during my 3-meals-a-day diet, just traditional Punjabi food.  The yoghurt was undoubtedly full fat and there was no sign of any olive oil – just ghee.  All the ingredients were natural and fresh and there was absolutely no snacking in between meals and no desserts.  I’m kicking myself that I went a little mad on the last week as it would have been good to see how much I had actually lost.

The kids went back to school today so I can now concentrate on myself again and the plan is to simply cut out the snacks and reduce the alcohol and see how things go.  I haven’t got time for exercise at the moment but I am trying to introduce some walking into my day.  It would be nice to lose another stone by Christmas and I know my husband will be joining me in eating healthier, which always makes things easier.  It also makes things annoying as my weight loss is always slower than his because of my hypothyroidism 😐