Delhi Belly Failure 

So here I am in India, currently staying at the Hyatt Regency in Ludhiana.  My attempts at getting food poisoning to lose weight have been foiled and I’m pretty sure I’ll return to the UK fatter than ever. 

The food is delicious and the weather gorgeous. My wine is flowing and my waist is increasing, I desperately need to come back home!

On the plus side, saw a real elephant and it was considerably larger than me.  I’ll drink to that 😀


When Elephants Visit Elephants


I’m due to fly out to India next week and have been spurred on to lose some weight in preparation for this.  In three weeks I’ve managed to lose 3.6kg, which is around 8lbs!  I’m quite chuffed with that and it’s better than no weight loss at all.  Most of the time I’ve been sticking to around 1200 calories a day by doing Body Chef.  I know its not a long term solution but there’s no way I could go to a Country famous for elephants and actually look like the size of one myself!

By having 1200 calories a day I haven’t had to do any exercise, so apart from running around after the children during the holidays I have had no additional exercise.  Some might say that after taking them to the park, cleaning and running around after them that that is exercise enough 😀

My plan is to try and maintain my half a stone off during my stay in India and then to try and do some exercise when the children go back to school in September.  I do worry about putting weight on in India as it’s been such a long time since I last went and I know everyone is going to be trying to feed me when I visit them.  A lot of food is fried over there and now there’s a Dominos Pizza opened up within the City that we’ll be visiting 😐

When I went in 1991 it was all about eating three simple meals of roti and vegetables and very little else, I lost loads of weight after being there for 5 weeks.  Alas, India is no longer the healthy nation that it used to be and my trip this time might turn into a calorific explosion and it might be the first time ever I’ve gone there and put weight on.  I suppose as long as I’m not mistaken for one of the elephants then all is well 😁