Back To The Roots

We’ve gone and booked tickets to India, so I have three weeks to catch-up with relatives and show my off spring their maternal ‘desi’ roots.  The last time I went to India was in 2003 when I was about three stone lighter than I am now 😐 I don’t know why but they always seem to look so malnourished over there, most of my cousins have little or no waist and look almost anorexic when you see them.  I’m not looking forward to having photos taken with them all, especially the way I currently look.  They seem to have to put photos on Facebook as well and tag me in absolutely everything.  I think they must assume that if they don’t tag me then I can’t see their posts or more likely I can’t ignore their posts!

I did think about going on a quick-fix diet to get rid of some pounds before going but for once in my life I really can’t be arsed.  I’m sure the family will take the mickey when they see me but as long as they recognise me at the airport then that’s fine.  I am what I am and I’m sure they’ll still love me regardless.  I’m the life and soul of the party and to be fair a lot of fat people are.  I tend to overcompensate with my extrovert personalities to balance out what I feel I lack in my appearance.  I’ve always been the bubbly chatty one whereas my brother has been the more serious one, he’s also the thin one!

Everyone is telling me how much India has changed in the last decade and I’m excited to see it all again but this time I won’t be on my own.  I’ll have my children and my husband with me and none of them can speak the lingo!  Hubby is on a crash course to learn Punjabi in six weeks – yep, good luck with that one 😮

The majority of the younger generation speak English, the problem will be for them to communicate with the older generation who still converse in Punjabi.  My Punjabi has always been good as we weren’t allowed to speak in English as we grew up, I think my parent’s generation felt the need to preserve their Indian roots despite being migrants to another country.  They almost had to prove that even if they no longer lived in India, they were still Indian.  I am thankful for my parents for instilling that ancestral pride in me, something I do try with my children but fail dismally at.

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and before we know it it will be bikini weather, something I don’t have to worry about this year as there’s no chance of me walking around half dressed in India.  I look forward to being able to wear traditional dress and to be able to once again savour the delights of the relaxed village life.