Beach Body

So the view is pretty good here in Dubai, it is for me anyway.   I was concerned about how I’d feel being in my swimsuit having not lost the weight that I intended to.  In truth it doesn’t seem to have hampered my enjoyment of this break, I have paraded around in my costume alongside all the others.  There appears to be a different attitude whilst you’re on holiday. You are in essence parading around in your bra and knickers when you wear a bikini, something you wouldn’t dream of doing at home.  However on holiday anything goes.

I’m not brave enough for a bikini even though I’ve seen women larger than me wearing them, good on them! Being in Dubai I’ve also seen the opposite where some women are covered from head to toe. You have the two polar opposites enjoying the same wonderful water.

It’s a nice country and the people have been nothing but friendly to us. I have friends out here whom we’ve met as well. They even took us to Dubai Gurdwara, which was lovely.

I’ve had a great holiday and last night at dinner with friends we cut a small birthday cake and did the whole blow the candle and make a wish custom. I didn’t wish to be thin and I didn’t wish for anything in particular because at the moment I’m happy and content but more importantly I feel very blessed.