Slimming World Results

I have been doing Slimming World for five weeks now and these are the results:

Week 1:  Loss 5.5lbs

Week 2: Loss 1lb

Week 3:  Loss 1lb

Week 4:  Loss 2.5lb

Week 5:  GAIN 1lb

I know over the space of 5 weeks I have lost 8.5lbs but I’m still disappointed as it works out to an average loss of 1.7lbs a week, I was hoping for at least a 2lb loss per week else I wont meet my goal weight for May.  I’m struggling to work out what I should be doing as I think the hypothyroidism is playing a huge part in this.  I must be the only person who can go to the gym three times a week and still only lose a lb.

The gain of last week has really annoyed me as I stuck to the plan 100%, didn’t even have a sneaky piece of cake on the weekend.  When I got back last night and I had put 1lb on I felt so demotivated.  I was angry and told the other half to order a takeaway, the pizza and wine helped my mood tremendously 🙂  It was the first time I had had a takeaway since New Years Eve, it felt great!

I foolishly wrote on Facebook last night how I was disheartened and had ordered a Dominos, and my Personal Trainer saw it and commented on how he’d make me work it off tomorrow.  He was true to his word as today’s PT session was gruesome and each time I paused he would shout ‘Pizza hey’ at me.  Had it been happening to anyone else and I’d have found it hilarious but unfortunately it was happening to me and I was feeling the pain.  PT is very ‘anti-Slimming World’ and believes you can’t lose enough weight on the plan as it is laden with potatoes and pasta.  I can see his point but I can also see the pictures of all the success stories that adorn my Slimming World magazine each month.

In all seriousness now I am at a loss of what else I can do, exercise and diet has always been the way to lose weight but it’s taking so long to work that I’m running out of time and patience 😦

I still have 1.5 stone to lose by May, I can’t see it happening but one thing I do know is no more details of takeaways on Facebook.  This is the comment I got off PT today and this is exactly how our session went!


Back to the gym this week so I’m expecting to see a better result on the scales next week, in terms of food I have no idea which plan to follow 😦