Lots of Pain and No Gain!


I’ve had my third weigh-in with Slimming World.  The first week I lost 5lb which was quite encouraging but for the last two weigh-ins I have lost a meagre 1lb each time.  Now I know you’re thinking 1lb a week is a perfectly reasonable loss and that’s how it should be but I’m NOT happy with it.  I have gone above and beyond the last three weeks, taking on Personal Training sessions, going to Spin Classes and following the plan to the letter.  I have sat between my children whilst they ate Dominos and have had a salad myself, that is pure sacrifice and I need more than a 1lb loss to reward that self-control.

To make matters worse the woman I go with has had pizza, eaten doughnuts and has lost the same amount as me.  Ok, lets all get the ‘at least you didn’t put on’ phrase out of the way.  Yes, I didn’t put on but I am really disheartened that my loss has slowed down on the second week.  That’s just too early to plateau on any plan.

I decided to do a bit of research on the internet about Slimming World and exercise and have found that some people stop losing weight on the plan when they start excessively exercising.  I know they encourage ‘Body Magic’ (exercise) but I think I’ve got carried away and did a whole Paul Daniels TV Series as opposed to a bit of ‘Body Magic’.  There were some articles about how the plan alone is sufficient until you plateau and then to start exercising.  I feel I have plateaued at week 2 so now I have had a rethink of the way I’m going to continue on this plan.  I was having near enough none of my syns before and exercising, but this week I have reduced the exercise and increased my syns.  I thought by having no syns the weight would move quicker but that doesn’t seem to be the case and I think my body may have gone into ‘starvation mode’ with all the exercise.

Now looking at me and thinking I’m in starvation mode would make anyone chuckle but there we have it.  For once in my life I have gone the wrong way, I have exercised too much and not eaten enough.  I came back from my weigh in on Tuesday and had a fabulous large glass of rose wine, dry January can sod off – needs must.  It was still all within my daily syn allowance so let’s see what happens on Tuesday.  Lots of Super foods, daily syns and less exercise.

Being an Indian girl I had stopped eating Roti (chappati) as well as that has a syn value but now it’s all back.  I’ve missed being able to eat foods that I’ve grown up with, roti is my staple and I miss it loads when I don’t eat it for a while.  I’m now adjusting my meals to fit the plan and my life rather than the other way round and hopefully this will mean it’s easier to stick to and I should get the results.  Unfortunately my Slimming World team leader is never available to chat to at the meeting and I have stopped staying for the group meeting after weigh in.  The whole session at the end of weigh in is about saying how much every single person has lost or gained and giving them a clap.  I know encouragement is very important but some time should be spent on asking if anyone has any problems and supporting them.   I’m tied into the plan for another 8 weeks and then after that I’ll have to have a rethink of what I’m going to do.

I went to my PT session yesterday and he asked how I was and I told him I was disheartened.  He said 1lb loss was better than a slap in the face – nice!  I agree with him but I expected more, that’s all.  We had an intense session yesterday and he really pushed me but it’s the first time I had been this week and I’m not seeing him again until next week – that’s cut down the exercise drastically.  I’m hoping for at least a 2lb loss this week, which will mean I’ll meet my ‘turning forty’ deadline and lose the two stone that I want to lose.

My PT has also banned me from weighing or measuring myself, which to be fair isn’t going to happen.  Telling me not to weigh myself is like telling a fat kid not to eat chocolate.  As soon as I see some scales I’m on them like a tramp on chips, I cant resist it!  All those women who can throw out the scales and not weigh themselves, I applaud you.  You are free from letting the scales dictate and control your life, I’m just not ready to do that yet.  Every time I have stopped weighing myself I have gone a bit too care-free and have got out of control with my calorie intake.  I need the scales to keep me on track.  I probably don’t need to weigh myself as often as I do but I’m almost addicted to it, which is a little sad.

I’ve had a lot of pain this week from working out as well as from abstaining from treats.  For me the pain has not helped me gain any motivation and has made me look through the whole plan again and do my research.  If you’re on a similar plan and it isn’t working for you then I encourage you to go through it with a fine tooth comb, there must be something that can be tweaked.  If after tweaking it all it still doesn’t work then that’s not the plan for you.  I’m going to see how I get on with my Tuesday weigh-in as there is also the problem of my underactive thyroid – this might be affecting the results.

Have a great weekend everyone and stick to your guns, sometimes ‘No Pain, No Gain’ actually works!


Emotional Eating


I have always been an emotional eater and in times of stress have readily reached for the chocolate and wine.  Drinking has in the past helped to temporarily ease pain caused by others – my sure way of getting a nights sleep. The more wine I’d drink the less I cared, and wine became an emotional crutch.  Wine o’clock wasn’t just on weekends anymore, if I’d had a stressful day then I’d automatically have a glass of wine to ‘unwind’.  When you’re upset you don’t think about calories and to be fair if anyone had told me at that point that alcohol was ’empty calories’ then I’d probably have slapped them.

It’s all very different after you’ve had children, you have to put your own emotions to one side and prioritise their feelings.  You can’t grab a bottle of wine anymore as you have homework to do, kids to bathe and dinner to make.  This is when you might turn to something that doesn’t obliterate your senses, leaving you perfectly legal to still drive to the hospital should little ‘Amelia’ have a fall later on.  This is of course food that gives you a feeling of pleasure as you eat it – chocolates, chips, ice cream etc. because lets be fair salad was never quite going to cut it.  As it’s food and not technically a drug it doesn’t seem half as bad but it can have similar consequences – too much alcohol can cause liver complications and too much unhealthy food can cause diabetes, high cholesterol etc.  The scary part is that eating unhealthy food can become such a habit that most find it impossible to break.

Recently I have been betrayed by someone very close to me and it’s the third time this betrayal has happened and after overlooking the first few incidents I found it impossible to once again forgive and forget.  A betrayal of trust is something that runs deep into your emotions and ordinarily I would have done my usual – shout, scream and then get something comforting to eat, probably chocolate.  This time it turned out differently, I listened to the denials and vowed to be strong and I don’t know where this strength has come from but I feel stronger than ever.  I have accepted that someone has wronged me, I’ve cried and got upset and then I’ve brushed the tears away and  as my good mum would say ‘got on with it’.

This time I haven’t reached for the wine (not even one glass) and I haven’t pigged out on chocolate and pizza and that’s because I’ve realised that although that will make me feel good short term, it wont fix the situation.  In fact in the long term things will be worse as after the sugar rush goes down I’ll be left with more weight to shift as well as a broken heart.

Comfort eating is very common with many people and you may not even know if you suffer from it.  I have found this  comfort eating guide which some of you may find helpful.  It gives good advice on how to identify what emotional eating is and also offers advice on combatting it.

My new way of dealing with emotional stress is to make sure that I am meeting my targets.  I joined Slimming World on the 5th January and at last week’s first weigh in I had lost 5lb.  I have also started working with a Personal Trainer and had a taster session last week, tomorrow will be my first full session with him.  I’m looking forward to it as he has guaranteed that he can help me lose two stone by May, so I should look ‘fabulous at forty’!  My next weigh for SW is tomorrow, so here’s hoping for another loss 🙂

What I’ve learnt over the years is that if someone hurts you then the best thing you can do is show that you wont be beaten.  Stick to your targets, achieve your goals and show them that you couldn’t care less!  Give someone the benefit of the doubt but if they continuously hurt you then don’t be manipulated, imagine the worst thing that could happen and then find a solution to prevent it from happening.

You get one go at this life so make sure you’re happy in yours!

New Year, New Gym Faces


It is inevitable that as every new year starts there will an influx of new faces at the gym.  I was prepared to see all the new members striving to adhere to their fitness resolutions but I wasn’t prepared for all the staffing changes!

I went to my first Spin Class of the year yesterday and it was headed up by a new male instructor who was very muscly and quite easy on the eye.  I was hoping for great things but then it happened, as it invariably does…..he opened his mouth.  Now why on earth did he have to ruin it all is beyond me but ruination came and it came in colossal amounts.  He started by asking us to listen to the rhythm of the music and then wanted us to explain what ‘rhythm’ was.  Bear in mind that normally we enter the studio, lights dim, music blasts and we cycle away – this is what the class has always been about, not some profound discussion about rhythm.  I was always crap at music at school and didn’t really want to be having a music lesson during my workout.

Eventually he started the class and his fascination with music continued as he split us into three groups of around 4 or 5 cyclists.  As the music played he stood on his pedals and asked us to rise one group at a time on his command, when his arm lifted then our group was to stand up and pedal and then sit back down when he gestured again.  Standing on his pedals and pointing at us to rise and fall to the ‘rhythm’ he looked more like a conductor in an orchestra than a Spin Class teacher.  At one point our groups were sequentially bobbing up and down to every 2 beats, we must have looked like we were doing a Mexican Wave 🙌 as opposed to any exercise class!

This morning’s Spin Class was no better as it had been replaced with something new known as RPM, which is supposed to use simulated climbs and sprints with controlled intensity.  I had missed the memo (ahem) saying that the timetable had changed and so ended up on this class.  The instructor looked very much like Jeremy Corbyn, however even though The Left Wing can be described as ‘the party of movement’ this instructor was anything but.  He had decided to wear a microphone which in a normal Spin Class would be handy as the music can get loud but he hadn’t even turned the music up, I’ve heard louder whispers in libraries. The lights had also been left on and so the normal vibe of loud music and dark studio just wasn’t there.  I did ask him to turn the lights off as I had managed to sit under a bright bulb but he continued with the lights on.  Before one of you starts laughing that I like it with the lights off (ha,ha,ha) this gag was already done by one of the other cyclists!  The momentum didn’t pick up and it was one of the dullest workouts of my life and the icing on the cake was that they had extended the class to a whole hour, lucky me (not)!

So, there I was in a quiet RPM class with ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in front of me and a lighbulb burning my skull.  I’ve had better mornings…….