The Spinning Peperami

I’m so glad that I have never divulged the name of the gym that I go to as there are so many characters there that give me ideas for this blog.  I would never want to offend any of the people there but sometimes the opportunity to write about them is too hard to resist.

I went to my (probably) last Spin Class of the year last week and it was a new instructor who I had never seen before.  Very young, very tanned and very loud – she wasn’t in the mood to take any prisoners and by the look of the queue of victims, she was very popular.  Apparently it was very rare you could get a place on her Spin class and I had happened to land one by pure fluke.  She looked at me suspiciously as I was not one of her normal crowd and asked if I’d booked.  Now I know I booked and that my name was on that list in her scrawny ‘malnourished looking’ hand but I still felt nervous whilst she checked the list.  Part of me was waiting for her to tell me to get off the bike as in the  ‘if your name’s not on, you’re not coming in’ type of scenario and I’d have to do the walk of shame out of the studio.  All this was utter nonsense in my head though as of course I had booked and I was on the list, something which I was about to regret – very much.

Her Hip hop music started and straight away she was shouting as though she was in the army, she didn’t look like a soldier though.  If I had to describe her then she just looked like the Peperami Man but on a bike.


Just like the strapline for Peperami goes ‘It’s a bit of an animal’ – this is exactly what she acted like;  a very angry animal.  With all her shouting and evil looking stares she reminded me of an  almost possessed looking Peperami on a bike.  She was shouting at everyone and telling them how she had so many people waiting for a bike and they were wasting their chance as they weren’t working hard enough.

I’m all for motivation and keeping focused but this woman was annoying, rude and obviously in need of some sort of therapy.  You know the type where you sit in a circle and confess – “Hi, I’m a Peperami and have anger management issues” type of thing.

I have no idea why people are desperate for her class because the next time she’s on I wont be attending.  I’m sure she’s a lovely lady when she isn’t taking a class but for me I found her behaviour a tad insulting but maybe that’s because she was half my age.  There I am sweating my boobs off and making very little progress and there she is effortlessly burning calories like there’s no tomorrow.

As the children are now off school for Christmas I wont be able to go back to the gym for a few weeks.  She hasn’t put me off going to the gym or to another spin class but I can see how that attitude would deter some people, especially if that was your first spin class.  I would urge anyone who has had a bad experience in any exercise class to try it at least twice and preferably with different instructors each time as this will give you a more realistic feel of the actual class.

Spin classes can be a great way to burn calories and a lot of the time they are upbeat and fun with a sense of camaraderie amongst the participants.  If you haven’t tried it then give it a go, I just hope you don’t end up with Little Miss Peperami.

Have a great xmas everyone x


Logical Procrastination


I decided to seek proper medical advice about my weight and made an appointment for the Dr, thinking she wouldn’t be able to help but that it was worth a try.  To my total shock she gave me a phone number for some weight management support.  I rang and made an appointment and was told that for some people it is possible to get a free referral to Slimming World.  I walked into the appointment thinking there is no way I’ll get referred as I’m not morbidly obese and I get absolutely no benefit of any kind.  The woman took one look at me and said she would refer me!  I was happy and mortified at the same time, she had obviously made her decision by just looking at me.  She didn’t know about my history, my hypothyroidism or anything else.  One look and ‘Yes, you’re in’!

I could have started Slimming World from as early as next week and have 12 free sessions, but I decided to wait until after Christmas as I personally don’t think there is any point in starting anything before then.  Why would I want to set myself up for failure?  Instead it’s probably best I do the cliché of a New Year, New Start.  I know some may see this as procrastinating and the whole brigade of ‘why put off until tomorrow when you can start today,’ will be up in arms but I know how I work.  I could start next week and lose half a stone by Christmas but I will definitely put that half stone and more back on during Christmas.  I’ll go to my weigh-in disheartened and then feel quite demotivated, it would be a waste of the 12 week pass.  I wouldn’t enjoy my Christmas and feel pressurised to stick to the plan, so yes I am procrastinating but it is logical procrastination.

You may be wondering how I’m expecting to cope with the over eating at Christmas without having some sort of diet plan in place, well to be honest I’m winging it slightly.  I went to a Spin Class yesterday and I have another booked tomorrow.  Next week I’m doing Abs Blast and probably another Spin Class, so even though I may not be calorie counting I am exercising.  I am hoping that the exercise will counteract the food indulgence and even though I wont lose any weight I’ll be able to maintain my current weight.

I have just under 6 months until I’m 40 and the clock is now ticking, half a year has gone since I started blogging and I’ve made some progress but no where near enough.  Slimming World subscription will be for 3 months and I hope to lose 2 stone in that time period.  Fingers crossed!