Parties Mean Pounds


So, my one month deadline is up and I have managed to lose a stone!  In total  I lost 12lb on the Jane Plan which is pretty good considering I had about 5 days off it as well.  My BMI is no longer in the shade that is redder than a baboons bottom, I am now just ‘overweight’ – what an odd way of looking at things.  I’m no longer obese but just plain old fat, my BMI shade has turned to orange and my risk of diabetes and heart disease is apparently reduced, well done me – so why do I not feel like jumping for joy or celebrating?  I suppose in the real world that chart means bugger all, I’m old fashioned and need to see the needles of the scale moving, not the shades of a chart altering.

My BMI could be yellow in a few months time but if I still can’t get my favourite jeans on then what’s the point?  Weight goals should be personal to the individual and mine are just about looking good for my 40th.  The last month has helped me to move along with the weight loss but the real challenge starts now, when Jane Plan has finished and I’m back to my own devices.  The Plan was good but it lacked carbs and even though the main dish is already made for you, you still have to prepare all the vegetables to go alongside it.  I used to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables on the plan and this is something which I think I will stick to.

We have birthday celebrations this week and I’m going to try to not get carried away, then next week I will be starting my own interpretation of Slimming World.  With SW I should be able to eat carbs and still go out during the party season.  Jane Plan did make me into something of a hermit as I became reluctant to socialise just in case I fell off the ‘Jane Wagon’.

My weight loss journey continues and I have (ideally) 1.5 stone left to shift.  The wii-fit tells me that my ideal weight should be 2.5 stone lighter than I am but that’s rubbish as far as I’m concerned.  I want to keep my curves and not turn into a twiglet.  I always look unhealthy whenever I’ve lost too much weight – granted that was a few decades ago now but still, I’m not going there again.  I’ve had the wii-fit now for over 8 years and whenever I weigh myself I get the mundane tone of ‘uh-oh’ – meaning I’m over weight.  A few years ago I managed to get my weight into the ‘ok BMI’ range and the wii-fit went ‘YESSSS’.  It scared the crap out of me as I’d never heard any other noise from it except ‘uh-oh’.  It was a novelty occurrence as I don’t think it ever said ‘YESSSS’ again.

We have our first get together tonight and I know it’s the first of many for the next month or so.  I will endeavour to be as ‘good’ as I can in terms of eating healthy but it is inevitable that with all these social gatherings my weight will increase.  The key to managing it is to ensure that I still weigh myself regularly and not bury my head in the sand as well as my waist in elastic.  Parties do mean increased pounds but as long as it’s not stones then we can work on fixing it!


Pump up the Carbs


Today I had a go at ‘Express Pump’ at the gym, I know it sounds like a name for a lactation device but it’s actually a smaller version of Body Pump.  A workout with weights which normally lasts one hour, the Express version lasted 45 minutes – hardly express if you ask me.  It was a good workout but quite tough in places and because my Fitness Belt doesn’t work in that particular hall I have no idea of how many calories I’ve burned today.

The diet is going well and I’m on my final week of The Jane Plan, this Thursday will be my last weigh in for the plan.  I took a few days off the plan so the food will probably keep me going until the end of the week.  I went out for my first Christmas meal of the season on November 7th – how insane!  No one even said Happy Christmas as it was obviously far too early to be celebrating.

Someone had booked us all at a bar in the City Centre, a group of women in their late thirties and forties going into a bar for a meal.  It was so bloody noisy that we couldn’t even hear what the other side of the table were saying.  Service was dire but I suppose if you’re in your early twenties and drinking on a Friday night then service is not at the pinnacle of your expectations.  As we were leaving just after midnight, a woman was vomiting in the nearby gutter – classy, I clutched my Louis Vuitton handbag more tightly to ensure that it didn’t fall into her ‘display’ or that some loon didn’t try to run off with it.  The older I get, the less safe I feel out at night – almost vulnerable, I suppose.

I did use the evening to indulge in some long awaited Carbs though – the only problem with Jane Plan is that I miss my carbs.  I ordered Chicken and chips and to be honest it was the same as a KFC only much more expensive and without any of the Colonels 11 herbs and spices!  I should have gone to the drive-thru, it would have been tastier, cheaper and quieter.  I do wonder sometimes if this is what it’s going to be like now I’m nearly 40?  Criticism at every opportunity and expecting nothing but perfection for each interaction that I must endure from those who ‘work’ in the service industry.

I feel old and tired today, I blame the lack of Carbs – roll on Thursday.  I can’t wait to get back to normal eating and I think I’m probably going to try Slimming World again because at least I can eat things like potato and pasta on that plan.  I hope that I’ve got a significant weight loss from the last 4 weeks as I have been quite good on this plan.  I had hoped to lose a stone in 4 weeks but that may not be possible after going out on the weekend but we shall see.  Not long to go until I can eat my carbs again 🙂