Struggles with Circuit Training

My personal training sessions finished last week and I’m quite pleased with the results that I’ve achieved.  I have lost 4.2kg in weight and 4.1 inches off my waist.  I would put my start weight in but I’m not quite ready for the world to work out how much of a heifer I am 😉 Aside from the weight loss I have also gained a good friend as I had such a laugh with my personal trainer, something that I’ll miss.  Now that the training sessions are over I have to ‘go it alone’ and I started this by attending a circuits class on Thursday, it was brutal and I ached for days afterwards.  I don’t know about circuit training but the circulation in my thighs seemed to be non existent afterwards, they became very numb and then very painful.  I even asked the instructor if he used to be in the army, when he replied ‘no’ I continued to tell him how he had missed his vocation in life.  He had us doing all sorts of things including burpies, some crab like walk, push ups, lifting sandbag weights and squats with a weighted ball.  It was a rigorous workout and I really struggled towards the end but I was easily the oldest in the class, in fact I could have (legally) been the mother to 90% of the class.

One exercise to develop core strength involved sitting down, pushing your upper body back into a ‘relaxed’ seating position and then raising your legs.  I just could not do it and he looked at me as though I was cheating.  It was only after I told him about my caesarean and not having any abdominal muscles that he modified it for me.  He looked a bit embarrassed about me mentioning my caesarean, a bit like the male teachers used to be at school when you’d tell them you were on your period and definitely had to go to the toilet mid-lesson 😀

Had a bit of bad news last week where the doctor has said I am on too much thyroid medication and some other problems with my blood test, which I’d rather forget about.  Reducing my thyroxine can have an effect of weigh gain, so watch this space as we enter a week of being on holiday, no exercise, reduced thyroxine and no home cooked meals!  I really hope I don’t put all the weight back on during our week away, its been so tough getting to this point.