Weeks 7-8 Maintaining Weight

I have had a busy few weeks with a lot of family celebrations as well as going away for half term. Since my weight loss in Week 5 I was supposed to maintain my weight but I did have a further weight loss in Week 6. I have not been able to retain the ‘extra’ loss but I have been able to stick to the Week 5’s weight which is what I wanted to maintain. Yesterday was the last of the celebrations as it was Father’s Day so today is the start of me getting back on track.

I have enjoyed 3 weeks of eating and drinking more than my regular 1200 calories but it was important to have a plan in mind. I knew that I wanted to enjoy my break but I didn’t also want to totally out-do everything that I had worked so hard to achieve. I’m about 0.8 lbs away from a full stone of weight loss. That would have been achieved today if it hadn’t been for further celebrations last night!

My mission now is to get back into the swing of things and carry on losing weight. I’m very proud that I didn’t go totally overboard in my weeks of maintenance because it would’ve been very easy to drop all my plans and eat senselessly. Every other time I have taken a break from diets I have never mustered the strength to get back onto plan, I’m hoping this time will be different as this time I’m losing it for good!


Week 6 Weight Loss

I wasn’t supposed to be update for a couple of weeks as it’s maintenance time whilst we have lots of family things going on but I’ve still lost 1.6lb this week! More importantly I have lost my first stone – 48 days to lose 1stone 0.6lb woohooooo!

It’ll be up next week as there’s lots happening this week but I just wanted to share my first stone celebration with you!

Week 5 Weight Loss

I’ll cut to the chase, 3.2lb lost this week! I had a whole week off alcohol and tried to stick to my quota of around 1000-1200 kcals per day.

It’s a great loss and it means it’s now a total of 13lb, so not too far from a stone. I’ll have to wait for the next weight loss though as we have a few trips booked during the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to have just maintained by the time I write again and hopefully not have put weight on! ‘Just maintained’ isn’t as easy as it sounds and takes a lot of willpower as you enter the grey area of how many calories are you supposed to eat without gaining weight. I’m assuming we stick to the guidelines of 2500kcals for men and 2000kcaks for women. Here’s hoping that it works as it’s taken a lot of time and effort to get this far and I don’t want to blow it now!

Enjoy your bank holiday if you’re in the UK and I’ll update again soon!

Week 4 Weight Loss

Here we are a month in and it would seem that my weight loss has slowed down to a ridiculous snail’s pace. I was aiming for between 2 and 3lb this week but I’ve actually achieved 0.6lb. It’s embarrassing to say the least and I wasn’t too sure what had happened until I delved into it all a bit deeper. All week I have stuck to my daily allowance of calories (1200 max) and have not veered away from this. In fact, some days I haven’t even had the full 1200 and over the week I had a surplus of 500 unused calories. This is where my problem may lie, as looking through my food diary I’m only spending around 700 on meals – the rest is saved for treats including alcohol. This technique has worked for the first couple of weeks but now I think my body has gone into starvation mode and isn’t releasing any calories. It is a well publicised fact that if you drink alcohol then the body will burn these calories before burning any fat. Take a look at this article from DrinkAware.

I need to spend more of my calories on proper meals and less on ‘treats’. I was under the impression that as long as I didn’t eat more than my calorie allowance I would lose weight, this doesn’t appear to be the case. I fear I have totally messed my metabolism up and now I need to fix it all. So, as of today I am ensuring that my meals are more calorific and my treats are minimal.

On the plus side I have lost nearly 10lbs in total now over a 35 day period so we’re looking at around the average 2lb a week weight loss. I’m hoping by having more nutritional food and drinking more water I can kick start the weight loss again. I can still do this, I just have to keep believing that!

If this new regime doesn’t work then I may have to go back to my Dr as it could be that my hypothyroidism is causing problems. If this is the case then it won’t really make any difference with me eating more nutritional food until my levothyroxine mdication has been altered.

Oh well, until next week my friends, remember – chin(s) up 🙂.

Week 3 Weight Loss

It’s only been a loss of 1.2lbs this week but I’m not disheartened at all. I had one cheat day this week and enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was too gorgeous last week to not have a drink in the sun 🌞

1.2 is still a good loss despite my cheat day. I didn’t feel guilty at all the following day as there was no point in wallowing about my over indulgence. If years of dieting have taught me anything it’s the fact that one mistake can be forgotten but self diet-destruction happens when you think ‘oh well, I’ve ruined it all now, may as well quit.’

Next week I’m hoping for the full 2lb loss possibly 3lb if I get a good week. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going out so I will have to plan in advance of what healthy options I can eat. The worst thing I could do is just turn up at the restaurant with no plan and order impulsively. Some items on restaurant menus can be deceptive. Don’t automatically go for the salad as this can have a lot of calories in the dressing and who wants to eat a salad on a night out! Grilled foods, boiled or jacket potatoes rather than chips, tomato based sauces rather than cheese. We all know what we’re supposed to eat but it’s having the willpower at the restaurant when you’re sitting there with all your ‘thin’ friends.

I’ve found telling people you’re on a diet can go both ways where some people will support you and others will try to sabotage your good intentions. This time round I’m telling no one apart from my other half who is also trying to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Have a great week everyone and fingers crossed I can keep my will power in check whilst socialising!

Week 2 Half a Stone

Second week of the ‘cutting back’ and I have lost 2.8 lbs, a lot less than last week’s 5.2 lb loss but it does mean I have lost my first half a stone! Break out the cakes, oh hang on a minute maybe we should stick to rice cakes 🙄.

My partner had brought me a fitted t-shirt for when I’d reach my first half stone loss. Unfortunately with 3 stone still to go, fitted t-shirts are not made for people of my size🙁. I tried it on and immediately felt disappointed, despite the good results this week. It made me realise how much I still had left to go. Half a stone is just a small dent in a very large target.

However, there is no point in wallowing – I didn’t gain all this weight in a few weeks so I’m not going to lose it in a few weeks either 🙂

I appreciate his gesture and I know he was doing a really nice thing, however I gave the t-shirt back to him, even though he suggested I keep it for the future. I know I will one day be able to wear a designer fitted t-shirt but I have enough clothes in my wardrobe already for when I lose the weight. To be honest I’ve had clothes in that wardrobe for years that I have bought and kept thinking they’ll fit one day. I’m pretty sure some of them are out of fashion now!

One thing that bugs me about designer shops, why do none of them cater for the more voluptuous figure? It’s very rare that you can get a nice branded top for a female, whereas for blokes they’re readily available? I don’t wear designer clothes but now and again it would be nice to go into a ‘posh’ shop and find something that fitted.

I think I’ll set my next treat for when I lose a stone, not sure what it’ll be yet but maybe something that’ll actually make me feel good – spa, manicure or a non-fitted top!

For now, the sun is shining and it’s time to soak up some rays and fire up the BBQ for this Bank Holiday. Enjoy your extended weekend folks!

Week 1 Celebrations

I’m not too sure how many times in the last few decades I have been at this euphoric point. Week 1 of the diet has passed and I’ve managed to go through an entire weekend without falling off my calorie wagon. An entire 7 days of dieting has resulted in me losing 5.2 lbs, that is a pretty good loss for me. Usually the hypothyroidism makes a dent in any potential weight loss but I’ll happily take that 5.2 (the .2 is just as important as the 5 🙂) and shove it in my motivation bank. I am on a roll and at last it’s not a bacon one.

Ok, back to reality I’ve only lost 5.2 lbs and I have another 40 or so to lose before I’m ‘happy’ with myself (cue psychoanalysis of can weight loss bring long term happiness?) but…..

It’s a start in the right direction and I’m sticking with that at the moment. I’ve had to spend the week as others have had Chinese, burgers, chips and it seemed to be a week where there were a lot of birthdays at work 🙄. I managed to have some self-control over the cakes and junk food over the week and I think it’s down to preparation. Knowing in advance what I was going to eat has helped me to remain focused.

We’re going away in a couple of weeks and I hope that I can stay on track whilst away but for now I think a small measured glass of something is due. I hope your journey is going well and if it isn’t then don’t despair, put a line under it and start afresh.

Fail, Forgive, Forget, Forwards.

I think the title says it all. I’ve been off here as I have monumentally failed beyond belief.

I have forgiven myself for failing and I’m trying to forget that yet again I’ve not managed to lose weight.

I want to move forwards and start again, but how many more times can I do this?!

Bear with me folks, normal service will resume soon – well not too ‘normal’ as I actually want to shift some weight…….

This time next year, Rodney….

Those of us of a certain age all know the sitcom with its famous strap line except when I said it to my husband I changed the wording slightly to: ‘This time next year Rodney, we’ll be thin!” It’s not the right wording but then again hubby’s name isn’t Rodney either 😂. 

It’s been 6 months since I last wrote on here letting you all know about my success but just like Del Boy never retained his wealth, I have not maintained my weight loss. In fairness the last few months have been stressful beyond belief with ailing parents, incorrect medication, an exercise ban and generally living in a very stressful extended family circle. Dieting was the last thing on mind, I was happy to be surviving from day to day!

It turns out that despite being on thyroxine, my thyroid gland was still under active as my dose wasn’t high enough. The locum Dr wanted to wait before increasing it again but I managed to get my regular GP to increase the dosage. This combined with a restricted diet should help reduce the weight gain.  I think I’m back at being the heaviest I have ever been and am finding it so tricky to stay focused. I don’t feel I’ve failed though as it’s not entirely been in my hands. Having had serious chest pains and an increased pulse rate the Dr has forbidden me from going to the gym. I am having a 24 hour ECG tomorrow so hopefully after those results are through I can get the all clear for exercising again.

So here I am again….fat in my forties 🙁

I’m  sure I’ll get there one day, after all a great man once said ‘He who dares……’.

Mange tout peeps

Progress, At Last!

So I haven’t been on here for a while but I thought it was the time for actions rather than words. I have actually lost weight and no one is more surprised than me 😁!

It has been a hard slog over the last couple of months but when you see a weight loss graph like this then it’s all worth it.

I’ve had a couple of rises at the beginning as I was still getting used to my self-created plan but now it isn’t too difficult to follow. The line for the last couple of weeks is more like this:

My husband has joined weight watchers and he has also got some great results. My weight loss takes longer because of my hypothyroidism but it’s slow and steady.

When I used to go to weight watchers or slimming world then I felt accountable, I knew I had my weigh-in on a certain day and that if I didn’t lose weight then someone else would know about my failings. When you diet at home on your own then you’re only accountable to yourself which is when you can fail. No one else knows that you have had a rubbish week and you don’t have to explain why your weight has gone up. Going to a group helps with staying on track and provides you with a supportive network. Going it alone doesn’t give you any safety nets, I have failed loads of times when I’ve gone it alone, apart from this current time.

So what have I done differently this time? I thought about what going to group gave me and I decided to emulate that scenario. I have a little record book in which I record my weight every week on a designated date and time. I don’t deter from this and ensure I only record my weight in the book once a week, same time, same type of clothes. Then I have a column showing loss or gain and then a final column for cumulative loss or gain.  For those of us who have been to slimming clubs you will realise that this is exactly what they do. I’m doing the same but saving myself the £5 weekly fee 😀.

The only thing that is pissing me off is the fact that I’ve lost over a stone and not one person has noticed! A whole bloody stone and no comments, nothing. It makes you think of how much a heifer you just really be though if even a stone hasn’t made a dent in your appearance!  In a way I suppose it’s good that no one has noticed as as soon as someone comments it can lead to complacency. You feel people have noticed that you look good so maybe you don’t need to try as hard. I still have just a over 1.5 stones to go before I am no longer officially overweight (according to my BMI) but thankfully I’m no where near obese so that’s fabulous 😀. 

I still have a long slog ahead of me but I’ve got past the stage of wanting to overindulge as I’m seeing results. It’s always hard to stay on track when you don’t see any improvement, that can be very demotivating. When you stick with it and see results then you don’t want to jeopardise your progress, especially when you have a designated weigh-in day.  The next time I’m allowing myself some time off my plan is on Mothers Day, where I’m going away for afternoon tea and intend to enjoy everything that’s offered!

My plan isn’t complicated, it’s just good old fashioned calorie counting. It means I can enjoy some chocolate and a small glass of something if I want to. It does make you realise how many calories you can waste on things like a pack of crisps and it makes you use your calories more efficiently. Eventually your taste buds change and your stomach shrinks. This is the time you have to carry on as it’s far too easy to dip back into your old habits.  I’m using the My Fitness Pal to log my calories and find it much easier than logging points or syns. Every food item will have calories so it’s easy to still cook your own dishes and work out the calories per portion. This is the part I like the most as I love cooking my own food and it means I can still enjoy my Indian food.  I don’t cope too well if I don’t have my roti 😀.

Everyone needs treats now and again so I’ve come to the hairdressers today to treat myself.  It’s always important to reward your hard work.

Good luck with your weight loss and fingers crossed I don’t fall back into my old ways 😬.